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We are now in our eighth year, and we are grateful that many from Montana and Wyoming are helping us promote biblical worldview ideas. Great ideas compete for people's minds and hearts, and followers of Christ should be interjecting ideas that reflect Biblical wisdom into the public square. 2015 and 2016 demonstrated that need in spades as we saw same-sex marriage endorsed by the courts. 2017 will require us to communicate our worldview concepts in an even more effective way.   

Our Next Forum:

 Alan Shlemon - Stand to Reason Apologetic Ministries.  "Preparing for the Next Cultural Revolution - As Ambassadors for Christ, how do we engage issues like Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory?" He will also take a Closer Look at Islam . January 22-23rd, 2021

Alan Shlemon is an author and speaker for the well respected STR apologetics ministries group.  He trains Christians to share their convictions in a persuasive yet gracious manner.  Known for teaching on some of the most controversial issues of our time, Alan tackles topics from Islam to homosexuality with grace and truth.  Alan is a favorite at Summit Ministries and will be one of yours too.

Dr. Glenn Sunshine, Professor of Early Modern European History, Central Connecticut State University Critical Theory & Cultural Marxism - America's Largest Threat March 5-6th 2021

Glenn is one of the brightest minds I know and he returns to equip us on the biggest threat facing America  - understanding Classical Marxism and it's fit in what we

now call Cultural Marxism.  What is the place of Critical

Theory and how has Critical Race Theory led to Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology?

Dr. Sunshine has taught on the the Marxist worldview and it's step-children for years.  THIS, you do not want to miss! 

Dr. Jay Richards, Professor of Economics, The American Catholic University, Washington D.C.  The Next Panic Attack -How Do We Stop the “Expert Elites” From Manipulating Culture with Panic?  Sept. 17-18, 2021.

THIS, you do not want to miss! Dr. Jay Richards is among the best researchers in America.  He is gifted at discerning what is happening in culture and explaining how it will impact us.  He will engage the issue of how Globalist- Progressive Elites have used the COVID virus to cause panic.  More important, he will project into the future showing how they will attempt to control us with the inevitable "next panic attack."  Be sure of this, they are brewing it right now.






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