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We are now in our seventh year, and we are grateful that many from Montana and Wyoming are helping us promote biblical worldview ideas. Great ideas compete for people's minds and hearts, and followers of Christ should be interjecting ideas that reflect Biblical wisdom into the public square. 2015 and 2016 demonstrated that need in spades as we saw same-sex marriage endorsed by the courts. 2017 will require us to communicate our worldview concepts in an even more effective way.

A Few Of Our Speakers 


John Eidsmoe Esquire, Professor – Oak Brook College of Law, Lt. Col, USAF, JAG (Retired) March 16-17th, 2018 

Historical and Theological Foundations of Higher Law in America - Where Did our Law Get It's Authority” 

John Eidsmoe - hold a B.S. in Political Science fro S. Olaf College and a Jurist Doctor degree from the University of Iowa.  He is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, a retired Alabama State Defense Force Colonel.  He served as a JAG officer.  He is a Professor of Law at the Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy.  In his various teaching assignments his students have giving him the Outstanding Professor Award or Prof of the Year Award five times.  He has served as Senior Staff Attorney at the Alabama Supreme Court and is currently Legal Counsel for the Foundation for Moral Law.   He is an ordained pastor with the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and serves on the Board of Lutherans for Life and on the Board of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, and is a constitutional attorney who has defended home schools, Christian schools, the right of students to study the Bible in public schools, and the right of public officials to display the Ten Commandments.  He has authored 14 books and numerous audio and video lecture series.  He holds 7 academic degrees in law, theology, history, and political science, as well as graduating from the Air Command & Staff College and the Air War College.    He and his wife Marlene have been married since 1970, have three children (David, Kirsten, and Justin).

Dr. Del Tackett, Visionary Worldview Teacher, author of the Truth Project.  Sept. 28-29, 2018 

One of the most impacting  worldview visionaries of our time will we with us to help us catch our vision of the impact of a Christian worldview means and share it effectively with those we connect with.  If you know Del, you know that these sessions will transform your life.  If you don't you are in for a life changing time with him.  Stay tuned, more to come as we share his topics, times, and locations.   

Scott Klusendorf, President of Life Training Institute - Nov. 9-10th, 2018

"Bioethics In A Postmodern World"   In a culture where anything goes, what are the implications of segregate mother , paying college girls to give their eggs, intro fertilization etc.?  What are the dangers?  What happens to these donors? Why are we going down this path with no research and no standards? 



Josh McDowell & Dr. Sean McDowell - Jan. 25-26th, 2019






In the midst of a sexual perfect-storm in America, two of our nations leading apologists will come Billings to speak on "Sexual Integrity in a Secular-Postmodern Culture."  This Father-Son duo has a passion for seeing the church become healthy and free from the blight of pornography that many identify as America's largest addiction. 

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