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The Ethics of the New Modern Family -
Is This the New Normal?

What are the dangers to our culture of this "new bioethics" that uses young women as surrogate breeders, promotes the use of stem cells, and feeds a multi-million-dollar global fertility industry?

Christian Foundation and Worldview Lecture Series"
Friday night at 7:00pm and Saturday morning at 9:00am - July 11th &12th, 2014.
Holiday Inn Grand: 5500 Midland Road, Billings, MT - Room TBA

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Jennifer Lahl, R.N., M.A. President and Founder - Center for Bioethics and Culture (CBC)

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Why is the issue of Bioethics capturing the attention of conservatives, feminists, and liberals alike who care about human flourishing?....

Why is this on the radar scope of groups from the Heritage Foundation to the National Organization for Women... and Right to Life groups?...

Is there a Sovereignty of God component to these issues

It almost always starts with an emotional story, an infertile couple trying desperately to conceive, a couple afraid of passing on inheritable disease and now added to the list is the same-sex couple or the single-by-choice person who wants to conceive a biologically related child. Even post-menopausal women can now-with the help of modern technology-experience the joys of motherhood. Many tough and tender issues are involved here. But as we have been watching reactions from leaders like Dr. Al Mohler Jr., Focus on the Family, the Montana Family Foundations, and others - Christians are asking deeper questions about these emotional stories. And while you may question some of CBC's positions, there is still the broader, cultural transforming question - is this "the new modern family"? Will this become the new normal? Jennifer Lahl will address some of the questions that this industry does not want you to think about:

What are the impacts on women who serve as surrogates?

● What are the people who "had no say" in this reproductive experiment - the children of surrogacy and egg donation - saying?
● What are the "scientific basics" of stem cell research?
● Money is a huge driver of this uncontrolled, international industry - we will look inside.
● What "Four Things" should your daughter know about her eggs and her ability to reproduce...or not?
● Why do the Gay-Lesbian and same-sex marriage advocates love this industry?
● What is going on with assisted suicide relative to these ideas?

Follow the Money???

While the money and profit surrounding this industry are not the first concerns of CBC, still, this is a worthy question anytime there are cash registers ringing loudly in a multi-national, unregulated industry. This question has led Jennifer and a growing number across America to look closer - closer at the exploitation of women, the money young college-age women are being offered to provide eggs, and many other issues. Just the title of one of their award winning films - Eggsploitation - suggests that there is much we do not know about what is happening in this fertility industry.

Anonymous Fathers Day (the title of another CBC film) suggests another issue that children from these industries are raising.
Many of the issues raised in CBC's four films will make you wonder "why have I not heard anything about this pathology, this invasive industry?" But I was really blindsided as I began to hear the adult children of egg and sperm donations ask:

● Who are my biological parents?
● What is my ancestry, what is the medical history of my egg or sperm donors?
We may never understand it completely, but there is something in the human spirit that longs to know... who am I... relative to my real mother and father.

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