"Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview"

Big Sky Worldview Forum in Cooperation with Faith E Church Presents:

Josh McDowell - "The Perfect Storm: Colliding Cultural Forces in America"June 26-27th, 2015

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Faith E Church, corner of 32nd and Sweet Water Dr. Billings, MT. (3145 Sweet Water Dr.)

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Josh is founder of Josh McDowell Ministries, part of "Cru" (formerly Campus Crusade) and is one of the world's leading apologists. This seasoned veteran is author/coauthor of 142 books and has spoken in 125 countries. See more at josh.org

A Perfect Assimilation of Elements?
"A monumental storm is brewing, converging on the hearts and minds of young people. How is this shift in belief systems happening — what are the elements"

From The New Tolerance to the Perfect Storm. In the late 90's Josh wrote The New Tolerance — How a Cultural Movement Threatens to Destroy Your Faith and Your Children documenting a huge shift taking place nearly twenty years ago. Now this warrior who understands the pulse of American and the world well will update us on how elements of diversity, multiculturalism, social media, the internet, and porn have converged to create the perfect storm we are seeing in our courts, schools, and even our churches.

The Lodz Scroll — A Surreal Display of God's word and its preservation:
Josh and his wife Dottie recently cashed in much of their life savings to purchase an ancient scroll of the Torah — the first five books of the Bible. He will bring this 72ft long scroll and display it. You will get to examine it, up close and personal. With his vast understanding of the trustworthiness of scripture, he will talk about this ancient scroll and how God's word is translated and preserved in a way that testifies to His hand being involved in its timelessness.

Our Program for June 26-27th:

Friday Night 7- 9:00pm
  • 7:00 — 8:00pm The Perfect Storm — Cultural Forces Colliding to Destroy Youth
    • From "if it's true it will work" to... "If it works it is true"
    • Losing our minds - from tolerance to technology to porn
    • The Eye of the storm — impact on culture
  • 8:15 — 9:15 pm The Lodz Scroll — the Historical Evidence for the Faith
    • Josh brings an ancient scroll (1450AD) of the Torah, 72ft long for your inspection.
    • An "exacting" process of copying and preservation.
    • Every Jot ["Yud"] and Tittle — why it matters?
Saturday Morning 9 — 11:30 am
  • 9:00 — 10:00am The Bible: Fact, Fiction or Fable
    • Historiography — does the Bible stand scrutiny?
    • Manuscripts, dates, and detail — piecing them all together.
    • Amazing preservation — incredible trustworthiness
  • 10:15 em 11:30 am — A Skeptics Questions and the Deity of Christ.
    • Josh shares his journey — from skeptic to Campus Crusade
    • From a dysfunctional family and sexual abuse to evidence that demanded a verdict.
    • Deity - our cultures greatest offense, the idea of only one way.

Ticket Information: Seating is Limited

General admission - $10 admission to both evening and morning sessions.
Advance Tickets Available at: (Also at the door upon availability)
Faith E: Office M-F 8:30-4:00 and Connection Center on weekends.
Big Sky Worldview Forum: Send check made out to BSWF to Dick Pence, 4307 Palisades Park Dr., Billings, MT 59106. Tickets will be sent to you for purchases received by Monday, June 22nd . Include your address, specific information on tickets requested (e.g. one general admission, and one general admission with breakfast = $30) and your phone number

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