"Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview"

Christianity & the Western Political Tradition: How Did Christianity Influence Western Governments?

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Dr. Glenn Sunshine
Professor of Reformation and Early Modern European History, Central Connecticut State University - See more at http://www.ccsu.edu/history

Who will shape American Governments in the 21st Century?
"For a society to function effectively and have stability, there must be broad agreement on a core set of values... drawn from a conception of what it means to be human... which in turn presupposes a set of values about the world, truth, and morality." (Why You Think the Way You Do)

These words from our speaker are pregnant with challenge to the church. This Essential Cultural Consensus about ethics has faded as our influence has waned and nowhere more prominently than in governing.

"A nation unfamiliar with its historical roots is easily transformed."
Is it possible for America to return to having a positive view of government? One of the primary weapons that has been used against Christianity has been historical revisionism. No place have the Progressives been more effective than in changing the essential functioning of our government. This has happened partially because we do not understand our political tradition. Their first volley was to convince us that Christianity had no interest in politics.

● Did God gift the Founding Fathers with a unique wisdom about forming a government?

● What was "the story" behind this process and what should governments look like today?

Understanding the roots of our Government
● The ethical fiber of America is changing at warp speed and most of this change is coming in the political arena. Remember, the Courts originate in that arena also.

● While much of the church remains apathetic about political involvement, activists in the Progressive Left are the opposite. Even when Christians want to get involved, they encounter a learning curve that often discourages them.

It all starts with understanding who we are in God, returning to His pattern for government.
● Glenn will help us understand why Christians have always seen government as a proper investment of their resources.

● Western governmental traditions have the potential to help transform America and return the Christian worldview back to the position it once held. Christian Foundation and Worldview Lecture Series
Friday night at 7:00 pm and Saturday morning at 9:00 am - April 17-18th, 2015.
Holiday Inn, "Montana Convention Center", 5500 Midland Road, Billings

What were the key elements that formed the governments of the West?
Christianity's Influence
  • The possibility of a positive view of government.
  • Understanding separation of Church and State.
  • The need for limited influence.
  • Awareness of dangers of corruption.
  • The right of the people's influence and voice.
  • The idea of free market economics - founded on Christian principles.
  • The goodness of work and vocation, property rights, responsibilities about wealth and prosperity... from the Bible.
  • Human Rights - Imago Dei, man created in the Image of God.
  • Argues against abortion, assisted suicide, and slavery.
  • Argues for religious liberties and inalienable rights.
  • Charity as an institutional work - what is this history?
  • Hospitals, schools, caring for widows and orphans... did the Progressives invent this?
Program - Friday Evening Agenda:
6:30 pm - Registration: Meet and greet, and book opportunity
7:00 - 8:10 pm - Key elements that make the governments of the West what they are and the reflections of Christian theologians.
8:20 - 9:15 pm -Christianity and Economics - the base s for free market.

Saturday Morning Agenda:
8:30 am - Registration: Meet and greet, and book opportunity
9:00 - 10:10 am - How was Christianity the Source of Human Rights?
10:20 - 11:30 am - How was Christianity the Source of Charity?

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