Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview


Last week, the executive committee of the Boy Scouts of America proposed a resolution that would revise its membership policy for youth members who are homosexual but retained its policy for adult leaders.  Ed Whelan writes a full article on the National ReviewOn Line, April 22, 2013. In the article he points to how the proposed resolution appears ill-considered and makes five observations while chastising the media for their mis-statements.

The bottom line issue appears to be that the new policy allows boys to be members even if they are "open and avowed homosexuals."  But of course "any sexual conduct, whether homosexual or heterosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting."  So, as long as they keep quiet, it is OK?  More pressure from the Progressives to whittle away at virtue where ever they find it!  

This is tricky because some youth members occupy leadership roles (e.g. patrol leaders) within their troops.  This whole move means that for example, a seventeen year old homosexual scout can now be put in a tent with younger scouts. 

The BSA has been pounded for years by homosexual activists and their partners, the ACLU.  Sustaining the current policy has cost them big money and of course bad press. 

The issue will be voted on next month by the 1,400 members of the Scout's council.  If you know a Boy Scout or leader support them and pray for them.  This will be another big victory for the LGBT crowd if they give in. 

Read Whelan's entire article on our Facebook or the National Review on Line.