Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview


Recently, I was challenged to read an old classic by Saul Alinsky entitled "Rules for Radicals" -  I recommend it to you.  Some of you know that as a Marxist, Saul Alinsky was very influential on Barack Obama.  This book was the object of Hillary's senior college thesis - a very interesting work.  Alinsky was no fool; he was well educated, well connected, and had many thoughts worthy of our consideration.  The book is exactly what the title says, it is a game plan for "community organizers" among other things.  And if you are paying attention, the Progressives have used his game plan well. 

With those thoughts fresh in my mind and as I have watched many of the issues play out both in Montana and nationally, I have a RADICAL IDEA to suggest.  I have many politician/legislator friends.  I esteem them highly and their work is so important.  But many of them will agree with what I am going to say...

The truth is that the Courts and the Bureaucrats are doing an "end run" around much of our good legislation.  Between court decisions, Presidential Executive Orders, and the way the entrenched bureaucrats are inventing rules to interpret legislation - our legislators have become very much "disenfranchised" from their role.  

Legislation, the Rule of Law, the Constitution - all wonderful, have been diminished.  So, here is my "radical statement." 

If you study the Progressive movement, yes they had their politicians, legislation, etc., but most of what they have accomplished  (including the aforementioned) has been done by "Community Organizing."  And you thought Obama was just some underemployed, inexperienced, punk who did not know what he was doing?  They are experts at getting the public stirred up to put pressure on "the system" to get what they want.  Some of the Labor Union movements are excellent examples of that. Study the last election and how they blew conservatives away in terms of getting their folks out to vote. These folks are workers!

On the other side, the "Tea Party" was sort of an attempt at this but without any sort of action plan for the most part - with some exceptions. .

If we are going to be effective in the future, we are going to have to get much better at being "Community Organizers" who know how to drive cultural change in a conservative direction.  Make no mistake, the LEFT is very committed and the organizers are not as apathetic as our base is. 

I read a good article from a friend recently that outlined how apathy and irresponsibility had opened the door for Hitler, for Communism, and other evil movements.  What struck me was a statement where the author said that so called "peace loving Muslims have become our enemies."  Why?  Because they are in a prime position to resist this invasion upon our country and  they will not take ownership of the issue - interesting thought.

My conclusion?  The nice, conservative, good, church going (etc.) folks who are so apathetic that you can not get them away from their amusement to ENGAGE in anything... are becoming our ENEMIES!  These "nice friends" and their apathy are no less responsible for what is happening in America, than the Germans who would not stand with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and others to RESIST. 

Just as surely as the apathetic Germans who ignored the signs of the times with Hitler, just as surely as the Russians who ignored the rumblings of Lenin - those who refuse to ENGAGE will be held responsible for what happens in the country in which God has placed them.  At least in that sense, they fit the accusation of the above-mentioned article and the "peaceful Muslims."


Dick Pence - Coordinator

Big Sky Worldview Forum