Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview


Liberation Theology is not an issue that is well known by most Evangelicals but most would be familiar with the term "social justice" - the more populist term for this theology.  In very simplistic terms, this is a theology that focuses on bringing so called "justice" to the common man so that he is treated fairly - especially in terms of wealth.  It is plainly a take-off on the Marxist worldview that despises capitalism and promotes the State.  If you research this theology, you will run head long into Marx.  While there are all kinds of variations, the central group would suggest that salvation is attained as we save the culture from injustices - especially inequality of material goods.  It is a group thing compatible withCollectivism and socialisms.  This is not a personal salvation, Romans Road!  It is very aligned with the social gospel that has been prominent in liberal Christianity.  It is now surging into what some call The Postmodern Evangelicals or Neo-Evangelicalism if you prefer.  But let me be clear, this label applies to most of our evangelical churches to a degree.       

Mysticism is not something most of us think about today either but like the above "idea" it is being promoted full scale in our culture and in much of the church. Historically its root go back to the influence of Eastern Mysticism on several of the Church Fathers.  You may hear it promoted as "Contemplative Prayer" but there is much more to it.  The "lead in or bait" is the idea of meditation.  But this movement goes way beyond just meditating on scripture.  When you really listen to those advocating this move, the source of their ideas almost always goes back to one of the Mystics and you will hear them encourage you - in nice convincing language - to empty your mind so that you can have a deeper spiritual experience.  Again, when you go to the primary sources, they always get it from Eastern Mysticism.  Very dangerous!

Over the last decade or so Bill Hybels at  Willowcreek in Chicago has been a not so subtle promoter of Liberation Theology.  His relationship with Jim Wallis of Sojourners is more than troubling.  Rick Warren is also involved in this but is more known for promoting theContemplative Movement - rooted in Mysticism.   

But before I go on, let me warn you that this is not "sound bite stuff." This perversion is pervasive and will require more than a bit of research.  If your interested in the above two issues, a good source is the web site at  http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/ and you can use the SEARCH option the site for articles on these issues or these three leaders. 

Roger Oakland would also help you understand some of the background of the leaders of this deceptions in his book Faith Undone.  Ray Yungen (a former New Ager) goes into great detail about the mystical practices being promoted in his book A Time of Departing.  You will also find a wealth of information at Berit Kjos's web site http://www.crossroad.to/ 

Recently, it has come to my attention that Pope Francis is also promoting these "ideas" - they area not new to Catholicism.  As theologian - Dr.  Brian Mattson -  correctly points out, when we heard that Rome had selected an Argentine Jesuit, many were wondering if we would see Liberation Theology (big in South America) promoted.  This Catholic order has long been promoters of Mysticism - the fountainhead of the Contemplative Movement. 

But I am not just picking on Hybels, Warren or Pope Francis - you may well find these "ideas" alive and well in your own church or being promoted by your favorite Christian speaker - it is EVERYWHERE now. 

If you're interested in RESEARCHING this a bit (again, this is not sound bit territory) you might also look at Dr. Mattson's article but if you do, consider reading the LINKS, to get the entire picture.  http://drbrianmattson.com/journal/2013/10/3/the-tibers-got-two-banks  .

Why all this fuss about something that seems so trivial?  Because it is not trivial, it is deception and it is coming into the church like a flood.  I hope you will take the time to get "up to speed' on it.  This is not new, you should have known... but now you do. 

A weekend reading of good resource information could save your family - maybe even your church - from two of the most intrusive deceptions in our culture today.  You would also find such books as Beyond Liberation Theology by Belli and Nash informative.  

Both Brian and Lighthouse are under our Resources on our web page here and they are worth keeping up with.