Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview


BSWF is committed to the fact that Politics (government) is one of the ten major components of any worldview.  One of the sobering threats to the flourishing of our people, all of them, is this scheme that pretends to be about health care for all.  It should be obvious to any critical thinker that his is not about health, it is about wealth - the redistribution of if.  In the end, those on the lower end of the income scale will be hurt the most, just as they are by every Federal welfare program.  Only the Elite at the top really benefit from this socialism.    

One of the "ideas" you hear over and over is - just let it happen, let the public see how bad it is and they will "throw the bums out" - the politicians who have promoted it that is.  Bad ideas, bad thinking I would argue.  First, this assumes that a very uniformed public can diagnose the issue and figure out who "the real bums" are.  But more important, Warren Cole Smith with WORLD Magazine arguers "when have you EVER seen even a bad Federal Program, get the boot.  Once it is "law" it is set in stone - Obama is right about that.  Find his entire article at  http://www.worldmag.com/2013/11/signs_and_wonders_pass_the_popcorn_and_watch_obamacare_fail

Pass the Popcorn and Watch Obamacare Fail. 

This thinking is even popular among conservative Republicans.  What is this thing that happens to most of them when the arrive in the most prosperous city in America, Washington, D.C.?