Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview


"Religious liberty is being redefined in America.  Our secular establishment wants to reduce the autonomy of religious institutions and limit the influence of faith in the public square.  The reason is not hard to grasp.  In America, "religion" largely means Christianity, and today our secular culture views orthodox Christian churches as troublesome, retrograde, and reactionary forces... There will be many arguments urging Christians to keep their religion strictly religious rather than "political."  And, there won't just be arguments; there will be laws as well. We're in the midst of a climate change - one that's getting colder and colder toward religion."

These are the opening words of a worth while article by R.R. Reno, Editor of Frist Things in IMPRIMIS from Hillsdale College, April, 2013.http://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/archive/issue.asp?year=2013&month=04

The article is very good, pass it on to your friends.  You will find this entire article at the above address.  While the article is sobering, it is not without hope.  The challenge is for us to ENGAGE in the public square. 

And, don't miss getting to his last line.  "Over the long haul, religious faith has proven itself the most powerful and enduring force in human history."  But remember Bonhoeffer's admonition - "Grace is free but it is not cheap."